Havenstone Harvest

Nature and Nurture

At Havenstone we believe in giving back. We support projects and innovators dedicated to creating a more sustainable world.  Learn more about projects we support and join our circle of giving.


Who We Are

Here at Havenstone, we believe that all it takes to change the world is a little support.
Covid brought us closer to nature as we distanced physically. We have focused our efforts on regenerative sustainability. We provide direct funding to innovators for research and  development and the spaces they need for creating solutions.


What We Do

We believe in stewardship of the land, our natural resources, and investment in people, our human resources. We support the innovators creating solutions for our future. This is our Brain Trust. We consider all humans members of our community and appreciate donations big and small. Your support truly makes a difference.



Havenstone's agricultural innovator with a $24,000 budget has been working on a test greenhouse that produces year round. There is an edible wild garden and an edible summer garden for foraging.  Compost has invigorated the soil for permaculture plantings. Test sites are planted with fast growing trees for reforestation and soil retention. Tree grafting and hardy producing seeds have also been developed.

Home Grown Squash
Coast Line

Local Habitats and Healthy Housing

We are dedicated to protecting our endangered coastal environment. The bay area and marshes are ecosystems supporting turtles, birds, and horseshoe crabs on their annual migrations. We have instituted green practices for building and land management and made bayfront housing available as a nature retreat rental. This project has an annual budget of $36,000.00.
Havenstone is seeking project partners for the Wicomico County, Maryland historic town project. Our goal is to create eco-spa rental/transitional housing to serve as a model of modern renovation in a preserved structure. Contact us for application details.

Community Health

Havenstone's community innovator has been exploring circular and regenerative economies and developing healthy community standards. With a budget of $48,000.00 she has visited projects in the United States and Central America, created the universal exchange and recently become a UN Peace Ambassador.

Greek Island

The Animals

Providing for people and pets

Havenstone is an animal refuge. Our resident innovators have a budget of $24,000.00.  We support homes for people and homes for pets. We currently have two rescue sheep and and a rescue horse. The chickens and ducks, dogs and cats round out the roster. We foster, raise and train support animals. Our innovator to be is sponsored in her study of movement therapy and its universal applications.

Little Lamb

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ― Lao Tzu


Havenstone Harvest